THCA Infused Pre-Rolls Premium Flower Coated in Kief THCA Infused Pre-Rolls Premium Flower Coated in Kief

Mini Barkies

In each Mini Barkies jar, you'll find five beautifully rolled 0.6-gram mini prerolls. Each Mini Barkie is handcrafted with premium indoor-grown flower infused with THCa Micro Diamonds and botanical terpenes. Then, they are delicately brushed with pure cannabis oil and dusted with delicious kief. Mini Barkies have been meticulously dialed to perfection to enhance the flavor of the flower for a perfectly balanced puff that packs a seriously delicious punch with a burn time of 5 minutes. There's a favorite flavor waiting for everyone... The question is, what will yours be?

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- Travis Barker